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tick copy.png   The big 3-ring binder of written training material will be mailed UPS asap. This manual is known as the 'Bible To  The Used Car Business". It has trained 100s of dealers, wholesalers, & auto brokers. It's the perfect training manual to teach you everything about the used car business - even if you know "nothing". ada_manual_picture.jpg

tick copy.png* Learn My "Six Step Profit Process": Find all the cars you can buy, inspect them like a pro, learn how to place a wholesale & retail value, then buy them cheaply, recondition it to "like new" condition, & sell it quickly for a profit.  THEN, do it all over again!

  tick copy.pngHow to Buy & Sell from Home Module ($300 Value)

  tick copy.pngUsed Car Wholesaler Module ($300 Value)

  tick copy.pngSmall Car Lot Dealer Module ($300 Value)

  tick copy.pngAuto Broker Module ($600 Value)

  tick copy.pngDealer License Manual ($49 Value)

  tick copy.png12 Month Membership To The Online "Auto Dealer Academy" Resource Library. There are additional training videos and special bonus modules not mentioned here. ($120 Value)

  tick copy.png12 Month Membership To The Online "Question & Answer" Forum. This is THE place to get your questions answered. Have a question - ask it here. ($120 Value)

  tick copy.pngUsed Car Inspection Video. Watch this several times!


  tick copy.pngSix Hour Auto Training Download ($600 Value) Download to your phone & learn anywhere. This is me basically interviewing myself about select topics in the car business. Members report listening to this over and over and over.

  tick copy.pngFree Shipping ($20 Value)

  tick copy.pngAn EXTRA 12 months added to your membership for the "Resource Library" & "Question & Answer" Forum. You will now be getting 12 months total. ($240 Value if you sign up later)

  Listen To tick copy.pngThree Small Dealer Interviews Spilling the Beans!

tick copy.png   One Hour Phone Consultation with George Dean



+ Buy Here Pay Here Manual

+ 2 Hours of Private Phone Coaching

+ 2 Day "Dealer Auction Training" in Dallas TX


Your training manual will be shipped ASAP.
Your auction training can begin after payments.

How it works:


  • PURPOSE: To get hands-on training from the Auto Dealer Academy at a live "dealer only" auction. The true value is learning how toauctiontraining2.jpg inspect used car properly! Secondly, you will learn our technique for determining market value of any car. The inspection training and learning my valuation model are critical components of this training. Thirdly, we are able to spend quality time talking about the car business & brainstorming together about possible business strategies you can use... one on one.

  • After you decide you want this advanced auction training (and pay in full or complete all 4 payments), you and my auction trainer (a full time auto broker himself) will set a date that works for the both of us. (TIP: Before arriving, make sure you have been through the study course. You need the knowledge of the study course training to get the most out of the one-on-one training.)

  • The auction training will be held in Dallas, Texas. Most folks fly into DFW on Sunday, get a hotel near the airport, and leave late Tuesday.

  • Bring VERY comfortable clothes with a good pair of walking shoes, a notebook, and your list of questions. Wear a shirt you don't mind getting dirty! In the summer, dress for heat with sunscreen, a hat, and shorts. There will be a lot of walking. It's a big auction with around 3500 cars being auctioned!

  • You and my auction trainer will meet both Tuesday & Wednesdayfor training. On both days, you two will "walk" and "inspect" a lot of cars. We WANT to MAKE SURE you learn to spot paintwork, frame damage, and cars that have been in an accident. This hands-on inspecting training alone is worth many many times the price.

    Tuesday Training:
    • Tuesday will mainly consist of teaching you how to inspect cars thoroughly! We will crawl in the car, under the car, on top of the car, and drive it. We will inspect a lot of cars, from junkers to trucks to nice BMWs. We will go over auction basics, how to get organize auction days for maximum effectiveness, what makes a great buyer, ... We use Tuesday to teach you the old auctiontraining3.jpgfashion way of finding paint work and on Wednesday I bring technology to help us - We bring a paintmeter and teach you how to use it. This training last a several hours in most cases.

    Wednesday Training:
    • More inspection training and a shadowing process. During shadowing, we will critique your inspection skills as you inspect the car and "call me the car". You see, on Tuesday you mainly watch me and on Wednesday, my auction trainer will mainly watch you! Afterwards, you call me the car, I will show you things you missed and help hone your inspection skills. Each car is basically a "test". Maybe one car will have frame damage, one might be a repaint on the driver's door and fender, or it might have nothing wrong with it, while another one might have hail damage, ... and it will be your job to find those things! This training lasts from 7AM to around noon.
    • The actual auction: We will meet early in the morning on Wednesday around 7:00AM or so. I will show you how I prepare my "run list" (in fact, I will give you a CD with a video showing you how I prepare MY run list ahead of time)!

  • I will reveal some real insider secrets I reveal to only dealers - things I can't reveal in the study course for reasons I will explain to you.

  • Then, we will head to the "lanes", "tune your ear", & listen to the auction. This can be VERY intimidating but when you leave - you auctiontraining4.jpgwill feel pretty darn confident. It can take some time to learn how to listen to the auctioneer. You will get it. You will learn the tricks and traps to watch out for, what to do after you win the car, what to do if its sold green light/red light/or with a personal ride and drive, and much more. We will discuss the arbitration department, logistics of getting the car home, post sale inspections, and more.

  • Both days we can grab lunch. Most folks insist on taking me to lunch so we can chat. I truly take an interest in your education and success. My auction traininer is very very patient and a great instructor (if I may say so myself). Nothing beats this hands on training - truly!
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